I'm from Puerto Rico but I live in Florida now with my wonderful husband and my two gorgeous children. I'm a self taught designer in love with all kind of Art. I have work with different mediums and I enjoy the creation of cartoon characters the most. I create base on how I am feeling that day. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy illustrating them for you. :)
I have seen how people get very seriously offended about patriotism through the years. That is why, to loosen up a bit, I wanted to create some patriotic designs more humorous and ageless; with the hope of getting people to share their culture in a friendly way instead of fighting for it. If you would like to suggest any designs or have any request please feel free to contact me.


I change my hair style more than I should :)

I don't sleep at night. My sleeping schedule is 9am to 2pm. Do that makes me a vampire?

I hate the kitchen. My cooking is awful but I can build a bunk bed from scratch.

I don't smoke or drink alcohol but I'm addicted to caffeine, so I drink a lot of coffee.

When I'm with my kids I listen a bunch of new great songs we hear on the radio but when I'm alone I'm stocked in the 80's.

I try to watch my weight by eating healthy but some times I get chocolate wasted.

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